Feel free to enjoy the best yakiniku

At BEEF Nagayoshi, the highest grade A5 WAGYU from the whole country regardless of origin and brands. We made it possible to have a YAKINIKU restaurant with the best cost performance by not limiting the origin and brands of WAGYU beef like Matsuzaka, Kobe and any other brands that everyone knows.

We serve with relatively unknown brands of WAGYU beef that have the high quality. The qualities of well known brands of WAGYU beef are high but their costs are high as well. That does not match with our concept of “Casually enjoy high quality YAKINIKU.”

Some of the unknown brands of WAGYU beef have the high quality because of the efforts of the producers.  We purchase those WAGYU beef from the whole country time to time. By doing that, we made it possible to purchase the WAGYU beef that has the same quality as the WAGYU beef of well known brands with much lower cost.  That is why we serve our guests the high quality meat with such cost.

We bring out the great taste of WAGYU beef and serve our guests “The best YAKINIKU” at a reasonable price while respecting the efforts of the producers.


Introduction of Japanese beef parts

As you know, it is a tongue of a cow. For YAKINIKU, we use a base of tongue (TANMOTO) which is the soft marbled meat.

It is the diaphragm which is the popular part.  It is soft, fatty and has strong flavor.

It is the meat at the end of a cow’s butt.  Soft lower side part of the meat called rump.
Because the cows exercise repeatedly, it won’t contain a lot of fat but it’s the soft lean meat.

It is part of the shoulder which is the meat around the shoulder blade.  It is very rare because each cow has a small amount of it.
Texture of the meat is a bit coarse-grained and contains some muscles.  But it’s juicy and has the strong UMAMI (savory taste) of the lean meat.

It is part of the shoulder meat that connects with shoulder blade.   It is also called “UDE (arm) SANKAKU (triangle)” for it is similar to the shape of a chestnut.
It is the part that moves a lot when the cows exercise so the texture of the meat is a bit hard and has little fat.
It contains a lot of protein and has strong UMAMI (savory taste) which is its characteristic.

It is the part of chuck eye roll.  It is very rare because each cow has only a few kilograms of it.
It contains some fat but it leaves great taste in your mouth. You can enjoy the elegant and rich flavor meat that has the texture like it’s melting in your mouth.