Lifelong passion! Kiichiro Nagayoshi’s passion!


In May 2014, BEEF Nagayoshi started in Araki town near Yotsuya Sanchome Station.

I asked myself.

“Is there any way we can offer the highest quality meat to our guests with a reasonable price?  So people can enjoy YAKINIKU more casually.”

Since then, we started our style of eating YAKINIKU at counter seats, instead of the traditional way of eating at table seats with clay charcoal stoves and roasters.  It’s a style of eating the best quality WAGYU beef like you are at IZAKAYA (Japanese casual bars that serve also dishes).

I want to make the restaurant to be an enjoyable place for all our guests who come alone as well as those people who come with their colleagues or partners.  I will never lose my passion for the restaurant to be that way so people can enjoy like you are at IZAKAYA.

Thank you very much.

Feel free to visit alone!

At BEEF Nagayoshi, the amount we serve per dish is smaller than the dish served at normal YAKINIKU restaurants so that guests who came alone can enjoy many different cuts of beef.

We only serve the highest grade WAGYU beef

We only serve the highest grade WAGYU beef

We purchase only the highest grade A5 Japanese KUROGE breed WAGYU from the whole country regardless of origin and brands.

Nagayoshi, the owner of the restaurant, prepares high quality and rare parts of beef as well as fresh offal, every day with his passion.

Secret sauce and elaborate charcoal grilling

The owner of the restaurant, Nagayoshi has independently made the secret sauce through trial and error.  The sauce brings out the great taste of meat without losing the flavor of the highest grade of Japanese KUROGE breed WAGYU.  It’s the sauce you can never get tired of.

Eating the best beef with the best charcoal and the best secret sauce is how to enjoy BEEF Nagayoshi.

Greeting from the owner


I’m Kiichiro Nagayoshi, the owner of the restaurant “BEEF Nagayoshi.”

Before opening BEFF Nagayoshi, I trained at a famous YAKINIKU restaurant in Ebisu for 8 years.

During that time, I’d seen many of our gusts enjoying the great YAKINIKU.

My colleagues were also supporting flourishing restaurants.  We were having the same goal to serve our guests with the best dishes in the greatest way.

I spent my training season, strongly hoping that someday I can open my own restaurant where people can enjoy.

Then I realized that exclusive YAKINIKU cannot be enjoyed “casually.”

I wanted to serve the high-quality meat with cheaper price to our guests so they can enjoy more causally.

That’s when our style of eating YAKINIKU at counter seats started. We only have counter seats and I myself will cook in the best way with charcoal.

You can visit us with your colleagues and partners or you can also visit us alone.  I promise you that you can enjoy high quality YAKINIKU at a reasonable price.

Please enjoy the best YAKINIKU at “BEEF Nagayoshi” casually.


Pleasure place for grown ups “Araki Town”


Araki town has the history from the time of Edo.  It used to prosper as HANAMACHI (Japanese GEISHA district).

The sight from the old time remains.  In the evening, you will see the lights of many shops and street lamps that give you nostalgic vibe.

Street overflowing with emotion “Sugidaimon Dori”

BEEF Nagayoshi is in Sugidaimon Dori where there are many restaurants and bars with the atmosphere of the old time.  It’s also nice to go to a cozy bar after eating the best meat.

“生涯情熱(lifelong passion)” written on the lantern

The big lantern with the words “生涯情熱(lifelong passion)” in Sugidaimon Dori is the landmark of BEEF Nagayoshi.  It’s the motto of the owner Nagayoshi. The size of the lantern is the size of his passion. Please look for the words “生涯情熱(lifelong passion)” as you look for the restaurant.

YAKINIKU at the counter seats

It’s getting popular to eat YAKINIKU at counter seats these days but it used to be a very unusual style as we started that.  You can casually visit us without bringing somebody with you. The owner himself will cook the meat with charcoal in the best way so the only thing you have to do is to enjoy eating it.

Seats and Facilities








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Not just our highest grade meat of YAKINIKU, but also our exclusive finger food, meals, and drinks of BEEF Nagayoshi are available.

Shop Info

ADDRESS 〒162-0825 8, Araki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
PHONE 03-5315-4048
HOURS Tue-Sat 17:00 – 23:00 (LO22:00)

Sun,Holiday 17:00 – 22:00 (LO21:00)

access 3 minutes walk from Exit 4 Yotsuya 3-chome Station
close Mon



You can make your reservation by calling us or you can also make online reservation.

Please feel free to tell us when and what you want to eat as well as your budget.